Class A 

This is similar to a "full dress" Army or Navy uniform.  It consists of blue pants, a blue Cub Scout uniform shirt with the right patches, a neckerchief, and a neckerchief slide.  This should be worn at all public events and for the monthly Pack meeting.  

​Uniform shirts can be purchased at the Pittsburgh Scout Shop at Flag Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh. At the time of this writing, uniform shirts cost just under $25. When shopping at the Scout Shop, please let the salesclerk know that you want the basic  Scout Shirt without any extra added patches. Because we provide you with our council patch (the large one on the left sleeve that says Laurel Highlands Council), the World Crest (purple with white fleur de lise), and the 2-6-2 numbers, you do not want to purchase a shirt that has any of these on it. The basic shirt will only have the Boy Scouts of America name above the right pocket and the American flag on the right sleeve.

The Pack will provide your patches (as described above), neckerchief, and slide.

For more information on this uniform, follow this link to get all the details...

For more information on patch placement, see the inside back cover of your Cub Scout Handbook or follow this link.

Class B

This is a custom Pack 262 t-shirt (a blue shirt with our Pack name on it in gold).  Each 1st- through 5th-grade Scout will receive one of these when they join the Pack. 

Lions shirt

Lions (Kindergarteners) wear a navy lion t-shirt as their official uniform.  Each Scout will receive one of these when they join the Pack. There's also an optional cap that can be purchased from the Scout Store.